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About Tuck Me In Goodnight

According to my mother I've been a restless sleeper my entire life. Throughout my childhood, most nights my bedding would become untucked and either end up all on the floor or wrapped around me a few times. In the warm summer months this wasn't too much of a problem but living in Maine the frigid cold winter months made for many an uncomfortable night sleep!

Thankfully, for the past 23 years I've been married to a very understanding husband. Each night it became routine that he would methodically tuck the sheets and blankets in only to wake fully robbed of all the bedding - I was the ultimate SHEET STEALER.

As an architect for 21 years I'd been trained to design solutions and solve problems but it took me a while before the 'light went off' and my Tuck Me In Good Night solution was born! I'm proud to report that since installing our first proto-type we have not experienced the nagging problem of untucked sheets again. I am no longer a sheet stealer . . . well at home at least! Hallelujah! The added bonus is that it only takes about 30 seconds to make the bed instead of having to make the bed from scratch every morning.

My research found that I'm not the only restless SHEET STEALING sleeper out there - many others deal with the exact same frustration. It's become my mission to spread the word that there is finally a solution! The Tuck Me In Good Night bedding retainment system is reasonably priced and made of durable components that will last the life of your mattress. The system will work with your standard bedding but I personally find that most bedding isn't made long enough for my taste as I like my sheets to be right up to my chin. Therefore, in addition to the bedding retainment system, we provide customized sheets and blankets that have an extra 10" in length for optimum coverage and comfort! I highly recommended them if you happen to be tall and don't like being 'short-sheeted'. Here's to a GOOD NIGHT SLEEP for all!